Introducing BIFARM BUD

Thermo-optimized, high-pressure, smart aeroponics.
Increased yields, shorter grow cycles, and stronger roots.​​​​

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“I love the system. I have never had a system I could just leave for 9 days with no worries. Being able to check up on plants via the cam is a nice touch.”

@socalsensi via Instagram

"Aeroponics is fascinating but a bit intimidating for a lot of growers. The way you have bundled it with the controller and other components, and the price point, makes it really approachable."

Jed Walker, Maximum Yield

"The system is performing great I love being able to monitor the system via my phone at any time!"

@reedweed420 via Instagram

Reduce labor costs through automation

Fully automated system paired with the mobile application.

Easy (and fun) to manage

Monitor the environment, create and share grow plans, log journal entries, and view cameras -- all using remote access.

Aerated root chamber for big & healthy plants

High-pressure fine spray creates an ultra-efficient, automated, nutrient delivery to increase yield.

Minimize root disease with temperature control

Heating and cooling temperature control to reduce root disease, and cut down on cleaning maintenance.

Dimensions & Configurations

Support up to 8 grow units

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